Christians flee after jihadists bomb Nigerian churches on Christmas

Christians flee after jihadists bomb Nigerian churches on Christmas.


This is a most tragic event – to say that there is such atrocities not happening is being blind – this smacks of the times leading up to the extermination of the Jews in Germany.

WE who are believers and followers of Christ and His Ways and His Commandments and His teachings are so much aware of these things happening and we stand firm in our faith to this effect.  It is tragic that fellow followers of Christ are treated in such a shameful manner.  He who died for us did warn us of such times and those of us who have to endure this tragic events are needing the support from those who believe to be prayerful and giving of support in whatever way is possible.

There were many times in the letters of Paul who wrote to the churches of the suffering of others and that we are to help one another to be able rebuild lives and keep people lifted up in prayer and hope.

The hope of the King is about to return is becoming more and more obvious as time progresses as there is as the Word of God says that the times will be just as the Days of Noah so shall my coming be.  Remember the Days of Noah – much was in error within the Human race how it treated one another and how the behaved unseemly towards one another.

God will shake the earth so that the Sons of God will be revealed.


Haniyeh: Our Objective is to Eliminate Israel – Defense/Security – News – Israel National News

Haniyeh: Our Objective is to Eliminate Israel – Defense/Security – News – Israel National News.


This makes very interesting reading – in light of the signs of the times we are now living in.

Who Am I

I am a blogger who enjoys writing about the Word of God and the way it affects my everyday life.

The more I learn about Yeshua/Jesus and His disciples and the disciplines of God the more hungry I become to learn more.  In my learning I also want to share what I have learnt so I blog to encourage others to find the way to come to understand the Word of God in their own lives.

For me it began when I was 21 when I was dying of Chronic Nervous Indegestion – in effect my stomach stopped digesting and therefore I was unable to eat or drink anything because it would not go down.  However, as I was so unwell and unable to really do much about, the Drs at the time had said I should go home and relax.  To which I replied how –

In the home where I shared with my baby I only had the Word of God as I did not have much in the way of reading material – so I started to read the Word of God and although at the time I did not believe what I was reading something was happening to me – I suffered great pain in my body and was so ill one night while I lay in bed and felt a huge weight like someone trying to push all my life out of me on my chest that I cried out to God and said to Him “You know I do not believe in you but I want you to heal me” this was an incredible call for me as I do not cry for help to anyone.  When I cried out the weight lifted off me and I went to sleep – in the morning I could feel pressure in my stomach but not like it was before – when I reread the Word of God again and discovered that this same God of the Bible had heard my cry and I could see from my own life that He really did care for me and He started to show me the way forward.

Firstly, he showed me all my pain and suffering came from fear and as I released the fears into His hands they started to go and as I started to read the Word even more now as it had become a living breathing life saver to me that every Word became alive to me.  I wanted to learn more and more.  Over the years I have made mistakes but all the time God was in the background of my life always encouraging me to come back to Him and His ways.  It is only when I started studying the word in earnest over the past few years that He has shown me just how important His Commandments and way of life is for Mankind.  For me I have a wonderful God who teaches me incredible Truths from His Holy Word.  For me each day is a blessing and each day as the Word is opened up to me the more I want to be able follow in Yeshua/Jesus’s footsteps and learn to follow God Commandments and His way of living.

Learning to live by Gods ways is not easy because the world does not want it.  I want it and am sure there are others too who live by them and reap the benefits of following in the footsteps of Yeshua/Jesus and the Disciples.

For me learning to live Gods way is an exiting journey and hopefully when I have completed my goal of becoming more like him and be able to share with others what wonderful gifts God has given to us through His Word and His way of Peace and Understanding is so different from the World but when you follow God you are in peace in your own mind and body.  For me to follow God and His teachings is the only way to live.

Keeping the Commandments of God – the Ten Commandments which as you look at them in the book of Deut you can see clearly that to obey them is to have abundant life of health, wealth, strength.  NOT to follow is the way to destruction.  As we see in our society today – when the world is so keen to discredit God and to deny His very existence they are running into great jeapordy.

You only have to look back at the recent volcanic events in Europe to see just how powerful God is – His Word says He will shake the heavens and the earth – so that people will again recognise this powerful handiwork.  Where man thinks it so unstoppable – a cloud of volcanic dust was able to halt all air traffic across the whole of Europe and made travelling impossible.  Made a lot of people suffer as a consequence.  For me to see that handiwork of God in such a mighty way is amazing.  For He is Still in Control –

People question why do these things happen – they look to the earth for the answers of how the planet crust is moving – well God said it would happen – that there would be earthquakes, famines, floods, plagues, volcanic eruptions, diseases, death and destruction becasue the people of the earth do not recognise the He is in fact God creator and as when He chooses he can and would as he did in the time of Noah completely desimate the peoples on the planet – We are HIs creation and as such we have not got the right to say He is not there – even if we do not believe it He does not go away.  He is always looking over His creation, watching for those that will Follow Him and come out to the Worlds way of thinking and follow His path.  His ways and His Path are the only way to LIFE – Yeshua/Jesus is the only way back to the Father – through him there is only Salvation, however once you have found your way back to the Father through His precious Son whom He sent to die in our place, who took all our sickness and disease onto his own flesh – who obeyed God even unto death that we have a chance of new life in Yeshua/Jesus – it is then that you start to feel the desire to discover just what it means to be a True Follower of the Lord Yeshua and God.

On reading in Ecclesiasties at the end it says very clearly to Love God and Obey His Commandments in them you have the way to have a long life.  These things Yeshua/Jesus taught – that He had not come back to change the Word but rather to encourage each one of us to find His Word and Eat it.  He is the Word of God – His Body was broken for us, His Blood was poured out for Us – in the same way as the Lamb was slaughtered and blood placed over the lintels and door posts on the night of Passover – He is the Lamb of God who made a doorway back- so that we may have the ability to be restored and brought back into the presence of the Living God and to enjoy the fruits of Gods hands.  He made us in His Image for His glory to shine through each one of us to live in peace with each other and with the unity of Spirit in the Precious Lamb of God – Yeshua/Jesus.

This is who I am – a follower of the Lord Yeshua/Jesus and a student of Yeshua’s teachings and disciplines.  The Word of God is my life.


I received this piece in my email box and thought it would be worth sharing with you all.  I have not written it but it is definitely something to think about.



How UNESCO Funds ‘Hitlerism’ by Giulio Meotti When the United Nations celebrated its 50th anniversary, Unesco refused to mention the Shoah – the Holocaust – in its World War II resolution, intentionally ignoring Israel’s request to include a reference to the destruction of European Jewry. Since then, the UN’s cultural body has passed from ignoring the Jewish requests to an obsessive promotion of Hitlerism in the Arab world. The latest number of Zayzafuna, the Palestinian Authority magazine for children, included an essay submitted by a teenage girl in which Adolf Hitler is presented as a positive figure to be admired because he killed Jews in order to benefit the world. The story, revealed by the Palestinian Media Watch, shows a girl in her dream asking Hitler: “You’re the one who killed the Jews?”. Hitler responds: “Yes. I killed them so you would all know that they are a nation which spreads destruction all over the world”. The case is not just another example of Palestinian incitement to hatred. Since August 2011, the magazine is financed by Unesco and the MDG Achievement Fund, another UN foundation funded by the Spanish government. After the Palestinians were accepted as the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s 195th member in late October, they can now apply for World Heritage classification for cultural sites they deem exclusively theirs, such as Hevron’s Cave of the Patriarchs, Rachel Tomb and Jerusalem’s “holy basin”. Such sites would be protected by the UN and could receive funding from Unesco for restoration. When the Palestinian National Authority came into being in 1993, it pledged to junk its controversial textbooks, some of which date as far back as the ‘40s, and replace them with updated versions, purged of the anti-Jew racism and incitement that permeate the texts imported from Arab countries, many of which are reportedly still in use in Jordan. In 1994, Palestinian officials launched a textbook-replacement program, with the financing and help of Unesco. The problem is that the Palestinian textbooks were not amended so as to be rid of the anti-Jewish remarks. According to a recent report by the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education, the Palestinian textbooks funded by Unesco and the European Union are still inciting against Israel: “Palestine” is shown to encompass all the Jewish State, the Jewish holy sites (such as the Temple Mount) have been erased, and Arab “martyrdom” is praised. In these texts, Jews are described as “cunning”, “locusts” and “wild animals”. Unesco, in 2003, financed the renovation of the Alexandria library, where a copy of the anti-Semitic booklet “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” was soon prominently displayed.

Duty Free Shopping At The Airport Does Not Make Sense To Me.

Duty Free Shopping At The Airport Does Not Make Sense To Me..

This is so true, we all get hammered by the duty free shops when we get through the barriers for one thing or another, however we all need to drink and eat so we put up with the inconvenience of it.  Years ago we could take our own packed lunches on the plane – now we cant even do that.

Hanukkah – Festival of Lights – Yeshua Light of the World

For me the celebration of Hanukkah has now given me a different meaning for this time of the year. I have found it really difficult to get to grips as to why people would want to celebrate a falsehood. For me, the celebration of christmas has no meaning as Christ was not born on December 25th – this is a day of celebration for the Pagan, Druids it was adopted by the church in order to try and share the birth of christ with the pagans, however, from my conversations with pagans who celebrate their Solstice they have no interest in the birth of christ – it means nothing to them – in fact from what I have experienced personally they laugh at the christian who consider it to be a holy day for them as the pagans know full well it is not anything to do with the Son of God – but rather the rebirth of the Sun – and fertility.

For me, I would rather celebrate Hanukkah as it is far more meaningful to me. For God enabled the oil to burn for 8 days while new oil was prepared – sanctified and purified to be burned in the restored temple – which was in the history of the Maccabees who discovered the ruined Temple and wanted to restore it – they asked God to maintain the oil and God did for 8 days while the preparations were being undertook. For me this is a real miracle – as people really were dedicated to God in believing that God could perform such a miracle. Today – people have seem to have lost their way in not asking God for help.

For me the celebration of the festival of Light means more to me as Christ is the Light of the World and He came to shine for us and show us the Way back to the Father Creator of all the Universe. Without the guiding light of Christ we would not have a way back. The Messiah came to show us the way – He is the Light of the Word – teaching us His Commandments, His rulings and His obedience. In keeping with the Word of God as He is the Word made flesh he came and dwelt amongst us. His light shines eternally –

Yeshua was with God at the beginning of Creation – He is the Word of God made flesh who dwelt amongst us to show us the Way – He is the Way to the Life and Truth and only through Him do we have Salvation, and remission for our sins, He was ransomed on our behalf and nailed to a tree so that we could be given the opportunity to be reconcilled back to the Father – Creator of All – It is by HIs Word that we are here at all.  He brought everything into being by His Word –

We are called to make ourselves ready – the story of the 10 virgins who had their lamps is a clear indication as to how important that we have our wicks and lamps trimmed ready for His return.  The story of the virgins denotes our readiness to be prepared to recieve Him as our bridegroom and to walk with Him when he calls us to be with Him.

We are to come before the Father and ask for forgiveness for our lack of faith and believe in Him.  Today – people are being led to believe that Santa Claus is the one who can give hope to the people – only the Messiah and God can do that – Santa Claus cannot stop the rains, nore halt the hurricanes, nor feed the five thousands – only the Messiah can do that.  To teach children to follow Santa Claus and to celebrate by giving him cookies – which do not get eaten except by the parents of the children who place their presents under the tree – which also is an abomination to God – another pagan ritual which has been integrated into the so called celebration of christs birth day –

Yeshua came to give us life more abundantly by our following in His footsteps in obedience to God holy word and teachings.  The Ten Commandments, the keeping of the Shabbat and the Holy Days that God has ordained – which had all been thrown away from the early church because they did not want to be associated with anything Jewish – how foolish – for by throwing it away we are actually throwing away the promise which was given to Israel – not to any other group of people were given such great gifts, knowledge and wisdom – when Moses came down the mountain with the Ten Commandments and found the people in rebellion already against God he was utterly dismayed and threw the Word down – only to have to go again to God and plead for forgiveness for the people and ask God to again give to him the Word which was to give a light to the path of men.  When you discover the Truth behind the Ten Commandments and realise just how important they are to Mankind we would all be able to live in the Peace and Joy and Salvation that God promised to Israel if they choose to Follow His Way.

WE do have a choice – you only have to look into Deut to see the full picture of what would happen when we choose to follow God’s path – life, abundant food, happy homes, fruitful fields, is that not what people are looking for really.

However when we choose the other path of disobedience of denying God’s very existence, denying God’s power to heal the sick, bringing only shame and destruction on ourselves – He said that this would happen when we turn our backs on God.

The way Society is today with its blatant disregard for God’s Laws and teachings – denying Him, the world is facing such a massive destructive path ahead because of this.  God said He would shake the Heavens and the Earth – there would be floods, wars, earthquakes, famines, plagues – this is What God said he would allow to come on the earth because of mans disregard to His power, His Word, His Ways.

Far better to come to the Father and ask for forgiveness and aknowledge our unbelief and seek His face while there is yet still time.  Mankind is on a road to destruction – but those who call upon the name of the Lord in that day will be saved.  When we understand that by Turning back to the Father we have an opportunity to have a life filled with Joy, Peace and Abundance – do you not think that it is a much wiser course of action – to come back to the Creator and let Him shine His light into your hearts and minds and rediscover who He really is.