Grafted Into the Vine

When I was a young Christian and started to read the Word of God and started to question all the things that Christ said to His disciples and also how they lived and the differences that i discovered over the years of the separation from the Word of God in the “churches” it made me consider research into such matters.

Over the years I have been doing an amazing Bible Study from and have read a lot of their free material and watched thier broadcasts and have gone along to their Shabbat meetings in Birmingham, Uk which has been held at the Jury Inn for a long time.

However for me the greatest breakthough came when I discovered I really wanted to learn more and more about what Jesus/Yeshua was saying to the people and how the Commandments affected me in my life today.  As I read through the 10 Commandments and really gave them a lot of thought I discovered very quickly that in being obedient to them and keeping the Shabbat my life completely took on a new lease of life – it included PEACE AND JOY that I had not known before and a steady understanding of Gods Word released in me such a complete need to find out more and more of this Amazing God and His wonderful gifts He has in store fot those that diligiently seek His face daily.

When I was reading Matthew 19 and asked the Lord to show me exactly what it meant when he was discussing with the young man about keeping the commandments and the difficulties people face in doing so.

The trouble today – is that we are not taught them at all and those that are in authority to teach do not seem to understand the fullness of their need to OBEY them – because after the last Apostle died in the first century – there was an agreement with the politicians of the day and the so called church that they should do away with the “Jewish” Holy Days, Teaching and Commandments nor to keep the Shabbat as that would be too Jewish – thus cutting themselves off from the Vine – because how can you be grafted into the Vine if you are not being a partaker in the life that Christ and His disciples lived.  It is only when you look at the yearly pattern of Christs ministry and his teachings that you can see that He kept the Shabbat, He kept the Passover, Hannukkah, Feast of Tabernacles, Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement – so why as “christians” do we not do the same.  This is because we have been taught it is not for us – however by keeping the Holy Days and Feasts and following in the footsteps of Christ and His Disciples is when you are truly grafted into the Vine – because Yeshua/Jesus is coming back in the same manner as He left – and He is going to bring the Same disciplines as He has had for all eternity – He is the same today, tomorrow, and yesterday and His Word does not change.

We have changed and added and taken away so much from God’s Holy Word in the belief that we are following the True Messiah – it is impossible to see the Truth without the Obedience to Gods Holy Word..

Today as I sit here on the second day of Hannukkah and reflect over the past years that I feel that there is so much more to learning about What God wants for Mankind and how He would be glad to hear one of the saints raise up in Praise of HIs Holy Days and really ask Him for help to discover more about what it is to be Grafted Into the Vine.

For me, I lay before the Lord naked and asked God to show me and teach me His ways and to discover the Truth in the Word of God.

There is only one path to Salvation and that is through Yeshua/Jesus – He died on the tree for our sins and carried all our sicknesses, and burdens and was marred more than anyman that none would love him.  Yet in His obedience to the Father He gave His life for us.- sinners and pagans, people in gross darkness – those of us who never knew Him nor anything about Him – He came for us to show us a way to be healed, restored back to the Creator God and also for us to live in peace with our neighbour.

Living by Gods Code of Life – the Ten Commandments and learning to appreciate His wonderful bounty of gift of life for it is He who gives rain in due season, it is He who blesses us with the sunshine and the stars in the heavens and waters in the sea.  It is He who has bestowed on us an amazing bounty of diversity in the flora and fuana we see about us and the amazing diversity in the animals and fishes.  Instead of bemoning and critising we should be Praising God for the wonderful gift of life in all its forms.

He knows each hair on your head, He knows your troubles – yet we fail to see that we can come to him and really ask Him to help us – He has given each Human Being the desire to Seek Him out and look to Him for His bountiful mercy – yet we as Human Beings have chosen to reject Him to deny His very existence – however just because you deny it – He does not go away – He is always there just waiting for you to reach out and ask for Help from the Creator God.


His Word says – that Whosoever Calls on the Name of the Lord in that day shall be saved.  That is just the beginning of a wonderful journey of discovery for each man once he has called on the Lord has a path to follow that is unique to them.

Not all of us are called as Apostles, Teachers, Healers, some are called to be comforters and bringers of words of wisdom in due season.

Check out What God has got for you today.
The Word of God I use for my studies is the Complete Jewish Bible
The other book I have recently been reading and found to be very encouraging is the Restoration – Returning the Torah of God to the Disciples of Jesus


2 thoughts on “Grafted Into the Vine

    • glad you liked it, keep you eyes focused on the Yeshua and He will lead you into all truth about How God intended mankind to live. The Word of God is a precious gift from Him to teach us how to follow Yeshua and live the life His way. Take care, thank you for the comment.

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