Who Am I

I am a blogger who enjoys writing about the Word of God and the way it affects my everyday life.

The more I learn about Yeshua/Jesus and His disciples and the disciplines of God the more hungry I become to learn more.  In my learning I also want to share what I have learnt so I blog to encourage others to find the way to come to understand the Word of God in their own lives.

For me it began when I was 21 when I was dying of Chronic Nervous Indegestion – in effect my stomach stopped digesting and therefore I was unable to eat or drink anything because it would not go down.  However, as I was so unwell and unable to really do much about, the Drs at the time had said I should go home and relax.  To which I replied how –

In the home where I shared with my baby I only had the Word of God as I did not have much in the way of reading material – so I started to read the Word of God and although at the time I did not believe what I was reading something was happening to me – I suffered great pain in my body and was so ill one night while I lay in bed and felt a huge weight like someone trying to push all my life out of me on my chest that I cried out to God and said to Him “You know I do not believe in you but I want you to heal me” this was an incredible call for me as I do not cry for help to anyone.  When I cried out the weight lifted off me and I went to sleep – in the morning I could feel pressure in my stomach but not like it was before – when I reread the Word of God again and discovered that this same God of the Bible had heard my cry and I could see from my own life that He really did care for me and He started to show me the way forward.

Firstly, he showed me all my pain and suffering came from fear and as I released the fears into His hands they started to go and as I started to read the Word even more now as it had become a living breathing life saver to me that every Word became alive to me.  I wanted to learn more and more.  Over the years I have made mistakes but all the time God was in the background of my life always encouraging me to come back to Him and His ways.  It is only when I started studying the word in earnest over the past few years that He has shown me just how important His Commandments and way of life is for Mankind.  For me I have a wonderful God who teaches me incredible Truths from His Holy Word.  For me each day is a blessing and each day as the Word is opened up to me the more I want to be able follow in Yeshua/Jesus’s footsteps and learn to follow God Commandments and His way of living.

Learning to live by Gods ways is not easy because the world does not want it.  I want it and am sure there are others too who live by them and reap the benefits of following in the footsteps of Yeshua/Jesus and the Disciples.

For me learning to live Gods way is an exiting journey and hopefully when I have completed my goal of becoming more like him and be able to share with others what wonderful gifts God has given to us through His Word and His way of Peace and Understanding is so different from the World but when you follow God you are in peace in your own mind and body.  For me to follow God and His teachings is the only way to live.

Keeping the Commandments of God – the Ten Commandments which as you look at them in the book of Deut you can see clearly that to obey them is to have abundant life of health, wealth, strength.  NOT to follow is the way to destruction.  As we see in our society today – when the world is so keen to discredit God and to deny His very existence they are running into great jeapordy.

You only have to look back at the recent volcanic events in Europe to see just how powerful God is – His Word says He will shake the heavens and the earth – so that people will again recognise this powerful handiwork.  Where man thinks it so unstoppable – a cloud of volcanic dust was able to halt all air traffic across the whole of Europe and made travelling impossible.  Made a lot of people suffer as a consequence.  For me to see that handiwork of God in such a mighty way is amazing.  For He is Still in Control –

People question why do these things happen – they look to the earth for the answers of how the planet crust is moving – well God said it would happen – that there would be earthquakes, famines, floods, plagues, volcanic eruptions, diseases, death and destruction becasue the people of the earth do not recognise the He is in fact God creator and as when He chooses he can and would as he did in the time of Noah completely desimate the peoples on the planet – We are HIs creation and as such we have not got the right to say He is not there – even if we do not believe it He does not go away.  He is always looking over His creation, watching for those that will Follow Him and come out to the Worlds way of thinking and follow His path.  His ways and His Path are the only way to LIFE – Yeshua/Jesus is the only way back to the Father – through him there is only Salvation, however once you have found your way back to the Father through His precious Son whom He sent to die in our place, who took all our sickness and disease onto his own flesh – who obeyed God even unto death that we have a chance of new life in Yeshua/Jesus – it is then that you start to feel the desire to discover just what it means to be a True Follower of the Lord Yeshua and God.

On reading in Ecclesiasties at the end it says very clearly to Love God and Obey His Commandments in them you have the way to have a long life.  These things Yeshua/Jesus taught – that He had not come back to change the Word but rather to encourage each one of us to find His Word and Eat it.  He is the Word of God – His Body was broken for us, His Blood was poured out for Us – in the same way as the Lamb was slaughtered and blood placed over the lintels and door posts on the night of Passover – He is the Lamb of God who made a doorway back- so that we may have the ability to be restored and brought back into the presence of the Living God and to enjoy the fruits of Gods hands.  He made us in His Image for His glory to shine through each one of us to live in peace with each other and with the unity of Spirit in the Precious Lamb of God – Yeshua/Jesus.

This is who I am – a follower of the Lord Yeshua/Jesus and a student of Yeshua’s teachings and disciplines.  The Word of God is my life.


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