Christians flee after jihadists bomb Nigerian churches on Christmas

Christians flee after jihadists bomb Nigerian churches on Christmas.


This is a most tragic event – to say that there is such atrocities not happening is being blind – this smacks of the times leading up to the extermination of the Jews in Germany.

WE who are believers and followers of Christ and His Ways and His Commandments and His teachings are so much aware of these things happening and we stand firm in our faith to this effect.  It is tragic that fellow followers of Christ are treated in such a shameful manner.  He who died for us did warn us of such times and those of us who have to endure this tragic events are needing the support from those who believe to be prayerful and giving of support in whatever way is possible.

There were many times in the letters of Paul who wrote to the churches of the suffering of others and that we are to help one another to be able rebuild lives and keep people lifted up in prayer and hope.

The hope of the King is about to return is becoming more and more obvious as time progresses as there is as the Word of God says that the times will be just as the Days of Noah so shall my coming be.  Remember the Days of Noah – much was in error within the Human race how it treated one another and how the behaved unseemly towards one another.

God will shake the earth so that the Sons of God will be revealed.


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