Jerusalem – HOLY CITY

 i would like to share this Utube video with you as I believe that it has a strong implications for muslims and Jews and all who Love the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob – who are trying to follow in the footsteps of the Messiah and are waiting with eager anticipateion for the Return of the King – who will bring about Peace and Justice for all. 
As we see the truth of what is happening in this video it makes you think very hard about what is important to us.  Jerusalem is the Mighty City of God of Israel. The Messiah is going to Rule from Jerusalem – His Teachings and His way of Life is going to be sent forth to the Nations as we are all called to live our lives Gods way – not as we do now – living them to please our selves with no regard to the Commandments of God. 
Jerusalem is the focal point in History – being His Story – and that being Gods Story – he created us Mankind to live in harmony with one another and with God – with out God we have no harmony nor peace not health in the nations – just poverty and misery – this is because mankind has chosen to disregard God and His teachings. 
The dispute of the Jerusalem is only Temporary – for it is Gods Holy City – it is Where God will come and dwell amongst us and reign over us – all mankind – only when Yeshua returns to Temple Mount and places his feet on the Mount of Olives to announce his return then all the world will see that Jerusalem is indeed the Place of the King of all the Universe and World..
Praise God that He is about to return and take His rightful place on the planet earth – we are going to be so blessed and prosper because God has chosen to come and live among us and give us the health and strength that so many people want but do not know or understand that it comes from the God of Abraham, issac and Jacob – the God of Israel whom people have rejected and despised yet he is the creator of all mankind and the universe.
For me it is a priviledge to Serve such an awsome God.  Praise God that He choose to send His only beloved son to become one of us to share in our lives and to show us the way back to the Father – through repentance and restoration to the way of God.  Praise God for Yeshuas obedience.  Praise God for His mercy on all mankind – for without Yeshua there is no way back.  For no man can come to the Father unless he comes through the Messiah and no man can come to the Messiah unless God first starts to draw you to himself.
Look at your lives do you see yourselves in a joyful place of peace and happiness, do you see prosperity in your life – do you feel healthy and wealthy and wise – if not why not – Turn back to the Father for his the one that can give you all that you need for your daily needs for he says very clearly in the Word of God tha He will supply all our needs as we call upon His name and ask with faith and trust that we shall receive from him all that we are to receive in our daily lives. 
As we truly turn to God and look for restoration in Him we shall see that God does truly love us his creation.
Give God glorry and honour and praise for He is worthy to recieve it.

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