Psalm 119

Precepts and Understanding

For me Psalm 119 says it all.

For me to follow in Gods teachings is the only way to go.

When reading what David said I realised that it also was my hearts desire.

For me to keep Gods Commandments and statutes is the only way to live.

Watching the social decline and misery all around with the wars and

horrific way people treat one another – is it not time to re-examine what we

are doing to one another.

God called us to live in peace with each other – respecting one another

living by love not by hate or discord.

Respecting Gods way of life and His choices is the best way to Live.

God made Man and He made Woman to be one with each other.

When we see the confusion in society today regarding the sexes and what gender people are they are actually flaunting and taunting God that He is not RIGHT

HE IS THE CREATOR GOD – He made man and woman to be one not man and man or woman and woman – this is an abomination to God – for the simple reason is this there is no procreation – no true oneness can be achieved, no recognising that God is indeed the Creator God and is able to make and break you life.

Sickness and disease are a result of disregarding Gods ways, in the Word of God there is a clear way of keeping our bodies healthy – why do we disregard it – behaving in an unnatural way brings about these sicknesses and diseases. Immorality is a dangerous game – fornication is definitely dispised by God – Divorce is not looked upon as favourable either – yet we humans have taken it upon ourselves to do exactly what we like and as a consequence we are reaping the reward of our sinful natures. The wage of sin is death – therefore better to learn to live a much more healthier lifestyle – Come back to the Father and repent of your evil way of life and commit your life to learning how to become a Holy and without blemish before the God of Israel, Abraham, Issac and Jacob.

Mankind has for too long been led astray by the evil contrary thoughts of the enemy who is not wasting his time – he is doing exactly what he had set out to do – devour the minds of the people and lead them away from God – and teach them a different path.

How sad that people are so willing to follow a path of destruction rather than come back to the Father and ask for forgiveness and learn to follow His teachings.

Look at your own life and see what you have been taught – read Psalm 119 and see if your life and mind is in agreement with King David. I know that over the years my life has changed because of my choosing to follow the way of God.

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