Massive Marches Against Israel Fail to Materialize-The Israel Project

Massive Marches Against Israel Fail to Materialize-The Israel Project.

When people make a decision to come against Israel they will also realize that they are shall also be coming against the Might of God himself.  For Israel is the jewel in His eyes and no matter how far they stray they will always be watched over by Him.

I am in the middle of reading Golda Meir – My Life,  and have been finding some interesting things out about the beginnings of the State of Israel and how much the British were against them even during the war – on the one hand the Brits were fighting the Nazis and the horrors of what was happening in Europe and on the other hand were actually preventing Jews from being able to flee the atrocities that were occurring at that time to the Jewish people.  It is no wonder that Britain is in a mess.  It came against Israel and as the Word of God quite plainly states that those that go up against Israel will suffer – and over the years we can see that since the beginning of the state of Israel Britain has lost a great deal of its “Empire” and its Colonies, and its sea gates and it does make you think historically and spiritually and with reference to the prophecies of God that those that curse Israel will not prosper but perish – so it is about time people stopped saying evil against Israel and recognise that no matter what weapons that come against her God will bring her through for it is His intention to Come and Dwell amongst us in Jerusalem and His Teachings and His rulings will be made manifest from there.

When Jesus returns His feet will be touching the Mount of Olives and He will be ruling in Jerusalem – I for one and with many others believe that the time is short and that there is going to be a vast outpouring of His Spirit to draw us back to Himself and His ways of living and returning us back to His commandments and His Holy Days.  How great is He that walks amongst us and as we lift our faces and praise towards God ward and recognise His might and His great mercy on all mankind – that he would not want any to be lost – but we all have our decisions to make and we all have to stand or fall on what we believe and how we behave.  So better to come back to him and ask for forgiveness for our backsliding ways and our ignorance of his teachings and have him give us the opportunity to really have a life of peace and harmony.  Oh what joy that will be to Live in Peace with our Neighbour and have His Holy presence on the Earth once again to rule with His love and His grace and also to recognise that God will punish those who refuse to go up to Jerusalem to Worship and keep the feast of Tabernacles – these are important Days that God has given to us to get us ready for His coming Kingdom on the earth.


2 thoughts on “Massive Marches Against Israel Fail to Materialize-The Israel Project

    • glad you liked it, I get my information coming to me regularly, so it is worthwhile keeping your eyes open on this. It is going to grow more and more. I have really been busy with the Word of God and the more I realise how far we are away from the True Way that Christ’s Message is about, the more I realise I need to study to discover just how to live the lifetsty that God ordained for us as mankind – his precious jewel. Have a good day.

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