Bill Gates and the new Malthusians

I have just been reading this article with amazement.

To point the finger at women and children as a possible way of controlling resources is a bit loco as far as I am concerned.  It takes both men and women to have babies.  How about considering steriling the male poputlation in order to control unwanted wasted.  Afterall it is their seed provides that which also contributes to the building up of populations.

When God made man and saw that he was alone, he created woman out of man to give him a companion and to multiply and subdue the earth.  However man in his “infinite wisdom” has chosen to ignore God and kick him out of the picture.

Woman was created by God to be a help mate to the man, not to be a battering bag every time things go wrong in society. Perhaps instead of pointing the finger at woman or man but looking together at how to resolve the situation.  When you look at the lifestyle pattern that God gave man in the first place there is no issue of having too much or too little because God our heavenly father is well able to control all facets of our lives.  It is just that man/women have turned their back of God the Creator, and cast him aside, however that does not change the fact that He is still in Control.

God mad man and woman to live together in harmony sharing each others burdens and growing in unity of spirit and mind and body.  In this day and age, most people are a loggerheads with each other.

For me to read such an article just shows how far away man has drifted away from God and His plan for Humanity.

This is the article in question


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