Spain a destination chosen by Saul/Paul

Spain – was a chosen destination of Paul/Saul to bring the Gospel and share his adventures with fellow believers.

There is so much to see, there is some places which are positively bristling over with excitement of history which is why I have chosen to live in Spain.  I felt com.pelled to leave UK and move to Spain as I believe it is where God has called me to live.  Here I can write freely what I want and share with others.

I have met many interesting people down here.

I have been travelling around the Costa Del Sol over the past few years and have discovered the most amazing rock formations – in Antequera where the mountains were once under the sea – you can see the evidence with  your own eyes of how the planet has changed shape over the millions of years.

Why not come and visit this amazing country – you can contact me and I will help you find the right place for you to stay.  Check out my blog for more information.


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