Sue Page

Sue Page

I am a believer in Yeshua the Son of the Living God, who is the creator of the universe and all living things. He created this beautiful planet for us humanbeings to live here in harmony and peace together with all other living creatures He created for his pleasure and ours. So that we may enjoy the fruits of His labour of love to us as Humankind.

How do we repay Him !
We as a species have denied Him the respect and love due to him. We have stopped giving him really true praise and thanks giving. We have failed to keep His commandments to love one another. We as a species are on our way to be destroyed unless we start to take seriouisly the events that are surrounding us right now in our day to day lives, we need to take stock of our relationships with each other and others. We are called to love one another – yet we as a species are really great at destroying one another. Surely it is time to take a good hard look at our behaviour to each other and ourselves.

Many people have been so fed up with life that they have chosen to take their own – what does that say about our ability to reach the lost and lonely. How much pain and suffering goes on in ones heart who is feeling so lost and destitute of love – we need to find a solution to being able to love one another in the truest and purest sense of the Word. Yeshua gave his life for us as a sacrifce of Love. Should we not do the same in our every day life of sharing it with others – we are called to love not hate. We are called to peace not war. Many people give their lives in the armed service hoping to bring peace and stability in their world yet only suffering and pain is the result.

Many people do not understand what goes on in a mind that has been trained and disciplined to serve their country – no matter what country – what part of the world – when they choose to join to serve they have as I did have in my mind to help the world to live in peace.  Only to be sent to diverse places to maim and injure others, to maimed and injured by others.  Is this what they wanted when they joined – did they really think that it could happen to them, for me when I tried to join the Armed forces many years ago was how can I be of service to my fellow human being – how can I make this world a better place to live.  I did not get into the forces.  However I did come to the Creator and He gave me a life and a purpose – that is to serve Him and reach others with love and comfort.

Many people do not understand the meaning of serving their country – they see the soldiers as warmongers – in fact the warmongers are in high towers and in political arenas where they do not face the gun or the bomb on a day to day basis.  Or suffer the terror of watching a child being used as a living walking bomb to blow up soldiers of opposing forces.  We are a deadly species not only to animals but to ourselves.

Men and women of the armed forces are to be thanked for their courage and stamina for being able to put into practice their belief that they want to serve their country to the best of their ability so that the nations they serve will be someday be able to live in peace with its neighbour – is that not exactly what God called us to do – live in peace with our neighbour.

For people who are trying to keep the peace in all nations of this world I salute you for your courage and fortitude.  I pray that God will give you peace and hope in your hearts that your work is not going to be in vain.

The politicians who choose to send thousands of men and women into places they claim are war torn – who started the wars – it certainly is not the men and women sent in to the areas, the politicians have a lot to answer for. – those who claim to be servants of God – not matter whom they are – GOD IS NOT A GOD OF WAR – HE WILL AT THE END WIN – no matter what happens in the meantime.  The God of Israel will be the Ruler of this amazing planet and He has already put the enemy down – it us that is slow on the uptake to realise the God is indeed in Control.  There are many ideas and diverse actions taking place today that when you look behind the scenes of any of the events – you will find someone who is being led by someone more powerful than himself.  Look at Hiltler – he was possessed – demonically led involved in occult and dabbling with many dark arts.  History shows him to be a crazy man – but through him millions were killed – there are others in history who were led by the same spirit that leads men to kill and be killed.

At the end there will come a time when we will say

“Death were is sting, grave where is your victory”  For those who are raised up by God to serve God and in His name there is power and victory even over death – as we see with Yeshua himself – death did not swallow him nor did the grave keep him, for He rose again to live for eternity at the side of God the creator.

If you are reading this and thinking about what it saying then look into your own heart and see whether the truth is there.  Yeshua is your saviour, your King, your brother and friend too.  When we call out to Yeshua to help us in our hours of darkest need He is there. When we sit in our small corner in sorrow and anguish not knowing which way to turn He is there too.  When we are in a pit of dispair and have no one to call out to He is there.

He loves us, He can save us, He want us to come to him for help.  Trust in His name, Trust in His Word.  Trust God the Creator – as He knows the end of all things.  He understands the signs of the times because He is the author and finisher of the Universe.  WE have nothing to fear when we put our Trust into his Hands.



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