When we reject Israel

Will americal forsake Israel all nations are beholden to Israel.

When God called Abraham out of Chaldea he gave him a promise that all nations would be blessed by His seed.  From his loins gave the blood line to Yeshua in human terms, Yeshua was out of the line David.  Without Yeshua then humanity would not have a Saviour. God called Israel out to be His Holy Nation, for all nations to have a witness of the Greatness of Gods Powers in the Nation. When we consider the greatness of Gods power and his majesty.  God gave Israel the lifetsyle plan – not all live by the plan that God gave us. 

However, when we look closely at what God gave Moses- he shows through history when Israel obeyed God Israel prospered,  when Israel went against God and did not obey God and left off follwoing Gods teachings the nation of Israel went in to captivity and disperesed throughout the world.where they were persecuted and lost and in some cases assimilated into the nations – then God Said he would draw His people out of the Nations he has sent them to.

He gave the promise that when we bless Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem then we too enter the blessing of God on His people.

So as we look around our sociites we can see just how far the society has gone from being able to live in peace with our neighbour.  When Yeshua called us to love our enimies and pray for them – does not show you that they not our enemies but our brothers.  When we look at our fellow human beings as being fellow created by God in His own image then we can stop pointing the finger at our neighours.

All nations are from the Sons of Noah – this is something that people do not believe.  Yet in every nation on the planet there is a story of their beginnings after the flood and that although they may not full understand many nations have a story which can be traced back to the flood.  When we look at the line of humanity before the flood we can see that God had started them from the start of Humanity – He made us all – no matter whether we are chinese, japanees, portugues, french, spanish, russian or whatever nationality you may be, we are all from the same source, so whether you want to accept God or whether you choose to accept evolution we are from the same source.  God made life on Eath to commence, over milleniums. he put many life forms – which have been given to the planet for the development of the resources we now have available to us to day.  Without the dinasours and other living creatures we would not have oil, or coal from the ancient forests.We have all got our part to play in Gods plan for this beautiful planet.  We should be looing at ways to live in peace and harmony with each other and with the planet and the living creatures that are sharing this divine home that we have.





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