Obama V Yeshua (Jesus)


This makes interesting reading.  There are many sides to all events and stories but when it comes to denying Yeshua/Jesus and Gods word we are in real dangers.

There is only one way to look at life that can bring life and salvation to people and that is through Gods Word, His Word is True and His Salvation is sure.  Withouth Yeshua there is no salvation.  He died for all mankind so that they may be reconcilled back to the Father.  It is sad to see that even into today’s so called enlightened days there is much hatred.  God called us to love our enemies and pray for them.  Therefore, when we look at Gods Holy Commandments we can see that we can live in harmony with all our fellow human beings if we all follow Gods plan for Life.

Only God can open the eyes of the blind and unstop the ears.  Only by reading Gods Word will you be able know the truth, by studing Gods Holy Word will we begin to understand the plan of life that God had designed from the beginning of time for all his creation.

Until we look at ourselves in that light we will continue to be in darkness.  It is time to wake up and really take seriously What Has God Said in HIs Word.  Not just pay lip service to what is said in the pulpits.  When we read the Word for ourselves we begin to see a completely incredible lifestyle and peaceful lifestyle that God had ordained for all mankind.  Check it out for yourself.  Take the time to study Gods Word and ask him to Teach You His Ways, His precepts, His teachings, His Laws.  Then perhaps we shall have a planet and relationship with all mankind as God had originally intended.


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