Have I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth?

Gal 4:16

Do not judge according to appearance, but ►judge with righteous judgment. John 5:24

ps63-1-8Have any of you experienced being un-friended on Facebook by someone who is angry or maybe disillusioned with you speaking the truth?  Or blocked?  Or maybe you had to block in order to protect others from someone’s confusing teaching?

Have you been called a false teacher? Maybe even been called something that shocked you? (Jezebel seems to be the one, that I most often get called, and usually by loadship, lawkeepers or fundamentalist KJVO pastors).

Have you been railed against?  Called names, rejected, or gossiped about for speaking against error?


► Have you been told you maybe are too judgmental or condemning?


► Have they discerned your motives and found them wanting?

Such as:

  • You always…

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