I am a born again believer in the Word of God.

I believe we should be following in Jesus/Yeshua’s footsteps and keeping the Commandments and Festivals that God gave us.

I believe in keeping a Sabbath day Holy – that is Saturday – That is the day that God designated as a Holy day of Rest and Worship to Him to concentrate on the wonderful things that God has provided for us as humanity.

I believe in studying Gods word and praying about what I am learning.

The more I learn the more I realise the less I really know about the Great God – and the more I discover the incredible gift of life that He has given to us the more I want to share His great Word and Promises with people.

He is a Great God and worthy to be praised and in learning how to serve Him by following His teachings and His Commandments and HIs Festivals the more secure I feel in my faith to Yeshua.  He is the Light of the World, Saviour of Mankind.  He came to restore us back to the Heavenly Father God Creator and only through Him do we have the opportunity for Eternal Life – through His precious blood and His sacrifice.


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