The Blasphemous Deification of Barack Obama – Godfather Politics

The Blasphemous Deification of Barack Obama – Godfather Politics.


Read this and understand the times we are living in.  Ask God to show you the Truth of all things, and Ask Yeshua/Jesus the Messiah into your Heart, Trust in the King of the Universe and Trust God the Creator of all living things that are and have been are to come.  God made all things possible by His Word,  His Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us.

There is no other God only God the Creator, there is no savoiur other than Yeshua the Messiah, Jesus the Son of the Living God.  No man can come to the father except by comeing first to Jesus and no body can come to Jesus unless God is first of all leading and drawing that person to himself

You can stand on roof tops and declare whatever you like, you can hold seminars on loads of pseudo idealogies but when it comes to the crunch only God can do the drawing and only God knows His own and he also knows who belong to the enemy.  Who do you belong to.  God and Yeshua or Satan and his minions.  To have no faith at all is a lonely and empty place.  Better have faith in one or the other than none at all.

Even Satan and his minions know God because before the were kicked out of Heaven they were with him.  But their own arrogance and jealousy and pride brought them into conflict with the Creator God.  The rest we know is history.  HOW many of you realise that there is only One God, One Son, One Holy Spirit.  There is not a myriad of gods to worship only One.  God himself tells us that the Lucifer himself is a fallen angel and is destined to the great abyss along with his minions and all those that choose to follow his ways, that is to stand in defiance of the Great God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.  To stand and shake your fist at God and to say that He does not exsist is like saying the planet we live on does not exsist – for with out God – We would not exsist.  He created us out of the dust of this very planet and breathed life into his nostrils, God led his first created man to a place of beauty and all he had to do was to trust God and let him take care of him.  God took so much care of him that he gave him a mate, a female from his very own side and presented her to him for his companionship.  He gave them the command to go forth and multiply and subdue and take care of the planet God had created for their home.

We have a lot to thank God for – without His word we would not be here, we would not be surrounded by such beauty, we would not even know of life. Nor the pleasure of being at one with anybody.  To share you dreams and hopes with another.  This God has done for us.  What have we  done for God.

We have turned our back on him, we have denied him, we have rediculed the very notion that He exsisted – we who are just carbon and water – just like a pot on a potters wheel.

He fashioned us to be human – he gave us everything for His pleasure and ours so that we may someday come back to the Father in full repentance and ask His forgiveness and Turn from our evil ways and once again recognise that He the Creator God is worthy to be recognised.

Do you want to wait until the next disaster before you will finally recognise He is in control, of all the volcanos, earthquakes, sea levels, winds.  He can make it snow in the summer and rain in the winter and create huge fire balls on the land.  Who are we.  Will we never learn – just think that when the volcano erupted in greenland/iceland, it shut down all the airports, caused so much misery – what could man do against that except wait it out.  Well God is behind everything to wake the people up to start to look up for your redemption is certainly drawing nigh.  We are in a season of great perplexcity, great anxiety has gripped the hearts and minds of man.  This was always had been spoken about in the Word of God.  The books of the Prophets whom God had chosen to send to the nation of Israel to bring them back to the Father was very much aware of our times.  Warning us of things to come if we insist on disobeying and running againt God.

Do you think you can change yourself  – God changes you from within.,  He leads you back to Himself and His ways, His teachings, His prophecy.  Yeshua the King of Israel and all the World will come in Victory and No one will stand in His way.


He said it on the cross – it is finished – he defeated the grave, death and hades.  WE who are standing and waiting for His return understand that WE shall be changed into His likeness of the resurrection.  Where will you be.



When we reject Israel

Will americal forsake Israel all nations are beholden to Israel.

When God called Abraham out of Chaldea he gave him a promise that all nations would be blessed by His seed.  From his loins gave the blood line to Yeshua in human terms, Yeshua was out of the line David.  Without Yeshua then humanity would not have a Saviour. God called Israel out to be His Holy Nation, for all nations to have a witness of the Greatness of Gods Powers in the Nation. When we consider the greatness of Gods power and his majesty.  God gave Israel the lifetsyle plan – not all live by the plan that God gave us. 

However, when we look closely at what God gave Moses- he shows through history when Israel obeyed God Israel prospered,  when Israel went against God and did not obey God and left off follwoing Gods teachings the nation of Israel went in to captivity and disperesed throughout the world.where they were persecuted and lost and in some cases assimilated into the nations – then God Said he would draw His people out of the Nations he has sent them to.

He gave the promise that when we bless Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem then we too enter the blessing of God on His people.

So as we look around our sociites we can see just how far the society has gone from being able to live in peace with our neighbour.  When Yeshua called us to love our enimies and pray for them – does not show you that they not our enemies but our brothers.  When we look at our fellow human beings as being fellow created by God in His own image then we can stop pointing the finger at our neighours.

All nations are from the Sons of Noah – this is something that people do not believe.  Yet in every nation on the planet there is a story of their beginnings after the flood and that although they may not full understand many nations have a story which can be traced back to the flood.  When we look at the line of humanity before the flood we can see that God had started them from the start of Humanity – He made us all – no matter whether we are chinese, japanees, portugues, french, spanish, russian or whatever nationality you may be, we are all from the same source, so whether you want to accept God or whether you choose to accept evolution we are from the same source.  God made life on Eath to commence, over milleniums. he put many life forms – which have been given to the planet for the development of the resources we now have available to us to day.  Without the dinasours and other living creatures we would not have oil, or coal from the ancient forests.We have all got our part to play in Gods plan for this beautiful planet.  We should be looing at ways to live in peace and harmony with each other and with the planet and the living creatures that are sharing this divine home that we have.




Bill Gates and the new Malthusians

I have just been reading this article with amazement.

To point the finger at women and children as a possible way of controlling resources is a bit loco as far as I am concerned.  It takes both men and women to have babies.  How about considering steriling the male poputlation in order to control unwanted wasted.  Afterall it is their seed provides that which also contributes to the building up of populations.

When God made man and saw that he was alone, he created woman out of man to give him a companion and to multiply and subdue the earth.  However man in his “infinite wisdom” has chosen to ignore God and kick him out of the picture.

Woman was created by God to be a help mate to the man, not to be a battering bag every time things go wrong in society. Perhaps instead of pointing the finger at woman or man but looking together at how to resolve the situation.  When you look at the lifestyle pattern that God gave man in the first place there is no issue of having too much or too little because God our heavenly father is well able to control all facets of our lives.  It is just that man/women have turned their back of God the Creator, and cast him aside, however that does not change the fact that He is still in Control.

God mad man and woman to live together in harmony sharing each others burdens and growing in unity of spirit and mind and body.  In this day and age, most people are a loggerheads with each other.

For me to read such an article just shows how far away man has drifted away from God and His plan for Humanity.

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