The Blasphemous Deification of Barack Obama – Godfather Politics

The Blasphemous Deification of Barack Obama – Godfather Politics.


Read this and understand the times we are living in.  Ask God to show you the Truth of all things, and Ask Yeshua/Jesus the Messiah into your Heart, Trust in the King of the Universe and Trust God the Creator of all living things that are and have been are to come.  God made all things possible by His Word,  His Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us.

There is no other God only God the Creator, there is no savoiur other than Yeshua the Messiah, Jesus the Son of the Living God.  No man can come to the father except by comeing first to Jesus and no body can come to Jesus unless God is first of all leading and drawing that person to himself

You can stand on roof tops and declare whatever you like, you can hold seminars on loads of pseudo idealogies but when it comes to the crunch only God can do the drawing and only God knows His own and he also knows who belong to the enemy.  Who do you belong to.  God and Yeshua or Satan and his minions.  To have no faith at all is a lonely and empty place.  Better have faith in one or the other than none at all.

Even Satan and his minions know God because before the were kicked out of Heaven they were with him.  But their own arrogance and jealousy and pride brought them into conflict with the Creator God.  The rest we know is history.  HOW many of you realise that there is only One God, One Son, One Holy Spirit.  There is not a myriad of gods to worship only One.  God himself tells us that the Lucifer himself is a fallen angel and is destined to the great abyss along with his minions and all those that choose to follow his ways, that is to stand in defiance of the Great God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.  To stand and shake your fist at God and to say that He does not exsist is like saying the planet we live on does not exsist – for with out God – We would not exsist.  He created us out of the dust of this very planet and breathed life into his nostrils, God led his first created man to a place of beauty and all he had to do was to trust God and let him take care of him.  God took so much care of him that he gave him a mate, a female from his very own side and presented her to him for his companionship.  He gave them the command to go forth and multiply and subdue and take care of the planet God had created for their home.

We have a lot to thank God for – without His word we would not be here, we would not be surrounded by such beauty, we would not even know of life. Nor the pleasure of being at one with anybody.  To share you dreams and hopes with another.  This God has done for us.  What have we  done for God.

We have turned our back on him, we have denied him, we have rediculed the very notion that He exsisted – we who are just carbon and water – just like a pot on a potters wheel.

He fashioned us to be human – he gave us everything for His pleasure and ours so that we may someday come back to the Father in full repentance and ask His forgiveness and Turn from our evil ways and once again recognise that He the Creator God is worthy to be recognised.

Do you want to wait until the next disaster before you will finally recognise He is in control, of all the volcanos, earthquakes, sea levels, winds.  He can make it snow in the summer and rain in the winter and create huge fire balls on the land.  Who are we.  Will we never learn – just think that when the volcano erupted in greenland/iceland, it shut down all the airports, caused so much misery – what could man do against that except wait it out.  Well God is behind everything to wake the people up to start to look up for your redemption is certainly drawing nigh.  We are in a season of great perplexcity, great anxiety has gripped the hearts and minds of man.  This was always had been spoken about in the Word of God.  The books of the Prophets whom God had chosen to send to the nation of Israel to bring them back to the Father was very much aware of our times.  Warning us of things to come if we insist on disobeying and running againt God.

Do you think you can change yourself  – God changes you from within.,  He leads you back to Himself and His ways, His teachings, His prophecy.  Yeshua the King of Israel and all the World will come in Victory and No one will stand in His way.


He said it on the cross – it is finished – he defeated the grave, death and hades.  WE who are standing and waiting for His return understand that WE shall be changed into His likeness of the resurrection.  Where will you be.



Christians flee after jihadists bomb Nigerian churches on Christmas

Christians flee after jihadists bomb Nigerian churches on Christmas.


This is a most tragic event – to say that there is such atrocities not happening is being blind – this smacks of the times leading up to the extermination of the Jews in Germany.

WE who are believers and followers of Christ and His Ways and His Commandments and His teachings are so much aware of these things happening and we stand firm in our faith to this effect.  It is tragic that fellow followers of Christ are treated in such a shameful manner.  He who died for us did warn us of such times and those of us who have to endure this tragic events are needing the support from those who believe to be prayerful and giving of support in whatever way is possible.

There were many times in the letters of Paul who wrote to the churches of the suffering of others and that we are to help one another to be able rebuild lives and keep people lifted up in prayer and hope.

The hope of the King is about to return is becoming more and more obvious as time progresses as there is as the Word of God says that the times will be just as the Days of Noah so shall my coming be.  Remember the Days of Noah – much was in error within the Human race how it treated one another and how the behaved unseemly towards one another.

God will shake the earth so that the Sons of God will be revealed.


As I sit upon my rooftop terrace doing my bible study surrounded by such beauty as mountains, sea and orchards, I praise God for his wonderful bounty.

As reading in Isaiah I reflect on the human condition of our relationship with each other and our relationship with God and Jesus.

I am amazed at how clear thinking and precise was Isaiah’s writings are, exposing the hypocrisy of his day and also it shows a real resemblance of what is happening today in many congregations and throughout the world in general.

When we take into account that God gave Moses the Commandments for people to live by it is amazing just how important that they are to man today, for without them we are lost, cut off from God and the blessings he wishes to pour out on us.

In Isaiah 28 V 23 – 29

Listen and hear my voice: pay attention, and hear what I say:

Does a farmer sowing keep ploughing forever?

Does he never stop breaking up and harrowing his land@

No – when he finished levelling it, he scatters his dill-seed, sows his cumin, puts wheat in rows, barley where it belongs, and plants buckwheat around the edges, because God has taught him this, have given him instruction.

Dill must not be threshed with a sledge or cartwheels driven over cumin, rather dill one beats with a stick and cumin with a flail.

When crushing grain for bread one doesn’t thresh it forever, one drives the horse and cart wheels over it but doesn’t crush it to powder.

This too comes from Adonai-Tzva-ot (God our Father) his counsel is wonderful, his wisdom great.

In Isaiah 29 V 9 –16

If you make yourselves stupid, you will stay stupid!

If you blind yourselves, you will stay blind!

You are drunk, but not from wine;

You are staggering but not from strong liquor.

For Adonai has poured over you a spirit of lethargy; he has closed your eyes (that is, the prophets) and covered your heads (that is, the seers),

For you this whole prophetic vision has become like the message in a sealed up scroll.

When one gives it to someone who can read and says “please read this,” he answers “I can’t, because it is sealed”.

If the scroll is given to someone who can’t read with the request, “please read this,” he says, “I can’t read.

Then Adonai said.

“Because these people approach me with empty words, and the honour they bestow on me is mere lip-service; while in fact they have distanced their hearts from me and their “fear of me” is just a mitzyah (commandment) of human origin- therefore, I will have to keep shocking these people with astounding and amazing things, until the “wisdom” of their “wise one’s” vanishes, and the “discernment” of their “discerning ones” is hidden away.

Woe to those who burrow down deep to hide their plans from Adonai (God).   They work in the dark and say to themselves “Nobody sees us, nobody knows us” How you turn things upside down!

Is the potter not better than the clay. Does something made say of its maker “He didn’t make me”

Does the product say of its producer, “He has not discernment”.

For me it is very clear that unless we start to take God seriously in the matter of His Commandments we shall not have peace – not at any price because we are failing to do His Will which he had created us for.

For people to actually try and deny the very existence of God is ludicrous because the evidence is so clearly all around us, man has not been able to duplicate any of the wonderful creations that God has done…

When we think of genetic engineering and the magnificent breakthrough’s that purports to have done – in the end they have not invented anything new – God is the master Genetic Engineer – he is the Creator of all.

The medical profession are unable to duplicate limb replacements or anything like that, even when they do produce some sort of replacement it does not always work efficiently.

Whenever anyone is seeking help from sources other than God they are in effect seeking help from Egypt which God makes very clear is not the way forward

In Isaiah 30 v 1-5

“Woe to the rebellious children” says Adonai (God)

“They make plans, but the plans are not mine, they develop alliances, but not from my Spirit, in order to pile sin upon sin.

They go down to Egypt but don’t consult me, seeking refuge in Pharaoh’s protection, seeking shelter in Egypt’s shadow.

But Pharaoh’s protection will bring you shame, shelter in Egypt’s shadow will lead to disgrace. Though his princes are at Tzoan and his envoys have reached Hannes, they all are disappointed, with a people that doesn’t help them, who give no assistance and no advantage only disappointment and disgrace.

When we read Egypt we can replace this with the World because it takes us away from seeking Gods face and grace to help us through any difficulties we may have, I know from experience how someone can get so caught up in seeking the way of the world that it ended with him taking his own life, instead of seeking the face of God and really trusting that God can and will pull you out of any difficult situation if you will only open up and take a step of faith, knowing that Jesus himself said that if you only have faith as small as a mustard seed it is enough to ask God for help.

I myself can testify to this fact as I was an unbeliever for many years, it took the threat of my own death to bring me to my senses and recognise that only God is able to pull people back, only when it is His time for them to come to that place, no one can be forced to come to God only God does the drawing to Himself.

However no matter what is happening in your own life just now it is important to know that God the Creator of all things is very much in charge and is very aware of all things that are happening on the earth and in the heavens – He himself is in control, He knows the ultimate end of Mankind.

Are we going to sit back and keep thinking that it does not matter because he does not see, WRONG HE DOES SEE and HE DOES KNOW.

Are we so arrogant as a species to believe that we can do better than God – AGAIN WRONG only God can give and take life, He is the author and finisher of all.

No matter what happens in life God is in Control always working in the background in our lives just letting us go our own merry way until we really do screw up. God is there for us all no matter where we are what we have done, how bad we may feel we are God knows your innermost being. He made you the person you are, it is up to you when he puts his hand on your life and starts to lead you in a direction to follow him through because he has only good things to give to you.

When God makes it plain for all to see.

In Isaiah 30 V 13 – 33

“Because you reject this word, trust in extortion and rely on deceit, this sin will become for you a crack bulging out high on a wall showing signs it is ready to fall; then suddenly, all at once, it breaks”.

He will break it like a clay pot, ruthlessly shattering it into pieces so tiny not even a potsherd remains for taking fire from the fireplace or scooping water from the cistern.

For this is what Adonai Eliohim (God) the Holy One of Israel says:

“Returning and resting is what will save you; calmness and confidence will make you strong – but you want none of this!

‘No!’ you say, ‘We will flee on horseback!’

Therefore you shall surely flee and ‘We will ride on swift one’s !’ So your pursuers will be swift.

A thousand will flee at the threat of one, you will flee at the threat of five until you are left isolated, like a flagstaff on a mountaintop, like a banner on a hill.

Yet Adonai (God) is just waiting to show you favour, he will have pity on you from on high; for Adonai is a God of Justice; happy are all who wait for him!

People of Tziyon (Zion), who live in Yerushalayim, (Jerusalem) you will weep no more.  At the sound of your cry, he will show you his grace; on hearing it, he will answer you.

Though Adonai may give you but bread and water, and not very much of that; your teacher will no longer hide himself, but with your own eyes you will see your teacher.

With ears you will hear a word from behind you; “This is the way; stay on it, whether you go to the right or the left. You will treat as unclean your silver-covered idols and your cast metal images plated as gold; you will throw them away, like menstrual cloths; you will say to them, “Get out of here”

The He will give you rain for the seed you use to sow your land, and the food that comes from the ground will be rich and abundant.

When that day comes, your cattle will graze in spacious pastures.

The oxen and donkeys that work the land will eat a tasty mixture, winnowed free of chaff, spread by pitchfork and shovel.

On every high mountain and lofty hill will be streams and flowing brooks, on a day of great slaughter when the towers fall.

Moreover, the light of the moon will be as bright as the light of the sun and the light of the sun will be seven times stronger, like the light of seven days (in one) on the day Adonai binds up the wounds of his people and heals the bruise caused by the blow.

Here comes the name of Adonai from afar, his anger burning, in thick rising smoke. His lips are full to the brim with fury, his tongue a consuming fire. His breath is like a racing torrent that rises up to the neck to sift the nations with a sieve of destruction, and put a bridle in the peoples’ mouths to lead them astray. Your song will be like one that is ung on a night when a holy feast is kept and your hearts will be happy as if walking to the sound of the fulute to the mountain of Adonai (God) to the Rock of Israel.

Adonai (God) will make his glorious voice heard and he will reveal his arm descending with furious anger in a flaming firestorm, with cloudbursts, tempests and hailstones, For Adonai’s voice will terrify Ashur, as with his sceptre he strikes them down. Every sweep of the punishing rod that Adonai imposes on him will be to tambourines and lyres as he brandishes his arm against them in battle. For the Tofet fire pit has been long ready prepared for the king, made large and deep with plenty of wood and blazing with fire; like a stream of sulphur. Adonai’s breath sets it aflame.

When reading this today, it became very apparent to me that no matter how we believe ourselves to be “progressive” by denying God and His power, we in fact are only leaving ourselves wide open for more trouble.

Better we come back to God and repent of our natural distaste for discipline (God Discipline) and His Laws and really recognise that His WAYS are the only ways for us to live by.

This precious Sabbath on which I write this piece has been really blessed as I have had the time to reflect and enjoy the fact that Isaiah had faced a population who were just as rebellious as we are today. No wonder God had to do something really incredible to give us the opportunity to come back and have the chance to be transformed into his likeness instead of living like animals.

The people in the world today just seem to be hell bent on destroying everything they touch, all that is lovely they want to try to make into something ugly.

When we look at our surroundings and watch the destruction of our rain forests and destroying ways of lives of so many peoples in so called primitive cultures – they at least have the respect for life and recognise that they are part of the cycle. Today, modern man seems to have forgotten that we are also part of the cycle of life on this planet.

When we look back over history – bearing in mind we are talking His –Story – God story of this wonderful planet, it is amazing that we survived at all. God is gracious and loving and kind and is waiting for us to turn back to him and ask for his forgiveness for our sins, crimes against the planet and ourselves.

When are we going to wakes up and realise that we are all here together we are all here with a common goal to live our lives to the full and the betterment of ourselves and each other. What better way could there be than to live by the Code of Life that God gave us through Moses, the Ten Commandments are the most important Life Rules you could possibly live by.

Do feel free to contact me to pray with you or help you find the information you need to challenge your own bible study.

I myself have been doing a bible study course with Living Church of God, I have found inspiring and challenging. However the reading I did today I was lead into it by God and have found it a really challenging experience.